20 Simple Modern Mangalsutra Design that you’ll Love

These days’ modern brides opt for slightly simpler and softer mangalsutras for daily wear. Who wants to wear a very heavy traditional mangalsutra in modern times?

You may have noticed that brides don’t wear their traditional elaborate mangalsutra anymore as it is not suitable for work or casual wear. Thus, the mangalsutra ends up being bank safe and is worn only during traditional Indian festivals or weddings.

Although every culture has different mangalsutra requirements, brides these days are very open to mangalsutras, which are really wearable and go well with western outfits. Ultimately, a mangalsutra means nothing if not worn. In this article, I will share with you unique designs that I have created that are both simple and sophisticated that can be worn every day.

20 Modern Mangalsutra

1. Kohinoor Mangalsutra

As a girl, I was always interested by queens and princesses. Their ornaments and jewelry were mesmerizing.

These lovely childhood memories led me to design the Kohinoor Mangalsutra. This timeless piece symbolizes simplicity and royalty.

In the center of the Kohinoor Mangalsutra pendant, is done of moissanite. Moissanite is a synthetic mineral that has the look and feel of a diamond. You can adopt for a 1.0 carat center diamond despite a moissanite. But a moissanite center stone is a cost-effective way to get the same look without breaking the bank.

2. Peony Mangalsutra

Talking about soft and feminine mangalsutra that goes well in modern times, this simple mangalsutra is an exceptional choice.

The unique peony mangalsutra brings us a boho vibe. It has a simple yellow gold chain with black beads and gold beads arranged alternately in a beautiful pattern. The entire chain does not have to have black beads. We can create a black bead position based on your preferences and style.

3. Tassel Mangalsutra

These days there is a trend for women to wear long 36” chain mangalsutra which is modern, simple and delicate. Traditional mangalsutras with long chains can be uncomfortable to wear in western clothes and feel out of place. The design of tassel mangalsutra was born from a request for a long chain custom mangalsutra from one of my clients. Since the design is so popular, we decided to add it to our portfolio.

4. Moonshine Mangalsutra

It is designed keeping in mind a beautiful woman who loves solitude. The piece comes from the pressure setting technique, which combines marquise and princess cut diamonds to give it a solitaire-like look.

You can get 5 solitaire-look diamonds for a fraction of the cost without compromising beauty and appearance. This is worthy, simple, and elegant design for any age group.

5. Trance Mangalsutra

The next mangalsutra, Trance, is a custom piece designed for one of my brides. She wanted something very unique and different. There was already a wedding ring with pear-shaped diamonds. Her desire is that her mangalsutra matches her ring.

So she asked us to do the mantra for her dream mangalsutra.

6. Valencia Mangalsutra

Valencia is a small design using our favorite fancy cut diamonds. It has a delicate mangalsutra pattern to go well with any neckline you wear.

If you like black beads and simple pendants, this is the perfect choice. This mangalsutra goes well with traditional Indian wear, tunics and sarees.

7. Oriental Mangalsutra

Not everyone likes geometric shapes and patterns. This way to the creation of floral mangalsutra designs.

The oriental mangalsutra in rose gold exudes a woman’s femininity while keeping it simple with a nice golden branch and a pair of diamond leaves. This is a very simple mangalsutra design that can be worn on special occasions or daily.

8. Constellation Mangalsutra

This is a very modern and elegant mangalsutra design for the modern bride.

If you want a very bold yet stylishly beautiful mangalsutra, the galaxy is a great choice. It is a design through which you can achieve a modern look and stay connected to our roots.

The design has three black beads on the front and a smooth gold chain on the rest. The pendant is composed of round and baguette diamond shapes set in an organic constellation.

9. Lariat Mangalsutra

Lariat Mangalsutra is a very elegant design with two black beads at the bottom. It is a classic lariat style design that is simple and perfect for everyday wear.

This fragment is designed as a mangalsutra, but it is not recognized as a traditional mangalsutra.

It is a modern alternative to preserve the traditional values, keeping up with the changing times.

10. String of Lights Mangalsutra

String of lights mangalsutra design is inspired by the charming mangalsutra trend. I wanted to create a simple and playful design.

It is a unique design that consists of small charm-like black beads placed on a delicate gold wire. At the center of the pendant is a pear-shaped diamond, which adds some sparkle to the design.

11. Pia Mangalsutra

Pia mangalustra design is a very subtle and simple design featuring V-shaped diamond studded gold band.

It is very modern.

You can get this design done in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

12. Milana Mangalsutra

Milana Mangalsutra is a simple mangalsutra with a bit of sparkle. Clusters of round diamonds are used in the design.

The word Milana means union, union. As the Mangalasutra is a symbol of unity and a couple coming together in a beautiful marriage bond, Milana is a very appropriate name for this region.

13. Pole Star Mangalsutra

A pole star refers to the brightest star, usually closest to Earth’s north and south celestial poles.

Inspired by Dhruva Nakshatra, this simple diamond mangalsutra features a gold bow shaped pendant with 18K gold balls on the sides. It is a very simple design and you can adjust the diamond size based on your budget or preference. A minimum of 0.2 carat diamond is recommended to keep the piece visually balanced.

14. Vendure Mangalsutra

Vendure Mangalasutra is fascinated by nature and how it descries freshness in a relationship. It consists of two leaf-shaped patterns connected by a diamond in the center. Vendure is a very simple design with elements inspired by feminine nature.

15. Fantasy Mangalsutra

Fantasy is a mangalsutra design which is very fun and iconic style. It is designed for a girl who loves boxy designs.

It consists of some square geometric shapes arranged in a selective manner. I feel it gives Mangalsutra a pop, youthful vibe.

16. Peace Mangalsutra

Peace Mangalsutra was inspired by the meditative form of pyramids and arranged three of them in a row to create a simple and modern Mangalsutra design.

Its simplicity and geometric patterns make it a great everyday wear.

17. Harmony Mangalsutra

The Harmony Mangalasutra is derived from a simple motif that represents harmony in a relationship.

It is a beautiful shape, which is derived from the fusion of shapes and fluid nature of the heart-shaped motif.

It is a very simple and elegant mangalsutra design for the modern bride.

18. Falguni Mangalsutra

The word Falguni means beautiful.

Falguni mangalsutra is a very impressive design that is the collaboration of the floral and modern design styles. It’s a neat arc-shaped pattern with the floral placed beautifully in it.

This is a correct mangalsutra for everyone who loves simplicity and elegance.

19. Gana Mangalsutra

Gana Mangalsutra is made keeping in mind the idea of ​​marriage. The kith and kin of married couples likes.

The concept also originates from a group of diamonds placed in a geometric circle. The pendant is then attached to a mangalsutra chain with black beads.

20. Krisha Mangalsutra

Krisha Mangalsutra is an easy mangalsutra design that is holistic and pure.

I really like this arc shape that you see in Mangalasutra designs. Since we are talking about daily wear mangalsutras, I redesigned this arc shape to be a bit more restrained and smaller.