Journey Gold


The story of gold, the first metal is known to mankind, is fascinating. The story of gold, the first metal is known to mankind, is fascinating. The story begins when it emerges as an unprocessed ore from the goldmine and ends as it is transformed into a pure, valuable metal with intrinsic value and cultural significance. But, this end is the beginning of yet another exciting story of sheer glamour, glitz, grandeur, and glory associated with gold.

Interesting process There are four steps in this journey – mining, extraction and refining, manufacturing and retailing. The gold mines are of two types. In Open Pit Mines large deposits of gold are mined near the surface. In Underground Mines, the gold is located deep down. During mining, the unprocessed ore is crushed. Then it is made water-soluble, after which it is purified by smelting in a furnace at over 1,000 C. This separates the gold from impurities such as zinc, copper, and iron. The molten gold is allowed to cool. This up to 92% pure gold is send to refineries where the remaining impurities are removed to create gold of 99.5% purity. Creating a gold of 99.99% purity is a complex process.

Raw to jewelry The refined gold is then transformed into beautiful ornaments or used in high-tech industries such as automotive, electronics, medicine, etc. Jewelry is the key element in the story of gold and India is the world’s largest market for gold jewelry. We at Bagade Bandhu Saraf & Sons. are aware that Purity is a premium factor in the gold purchase. We sell only BIS hallmark up to 22 Carats jewelry.