Jewellery Buying Guide

  1. Buying jewelry and precious gem stones is no mean feat, especially when it is fine jewelry. Some tips for buying jewelry for your perusal.
  2. Be clear and sure about what you like and don’t. It is very important to understand what suits you and what doesn’t, regardless of the current jewelry trends.
  3. Know that gold is typically mixed with other metals such as silver, copper and zinc. The amount of each affects the final colour. For instance, Yellow gold is alloyed with silver and copper, while white gold is alloyed with silver.
  4. Carat, Clarity and Cut & Colour – One carat is divided into 100 centse e.g. 50 centse weighs 0.50ct (1/2ct) and diamond is weighed in carat(ct). When it is about colours, the brightones in diamond are expensive. Most diamonds have minute imperfections. So while buying gemstones consider these 4 C’s.
  5. Gemstones are normally sold by weight & not by size.
  6. Gemstones with bright, rich, intense, pure and vivid colors are believed to be the best.
  7. In case of diamonds, the sheer or colorless or white ones are considered to be the purest.
  8. When buying jewelry, make sure you are aware of the jeweler’s policy on refunds, exchanges, repair or replacement.
  9. Prior to making a final decision, always look for the craftsman’s trademark on gold jewelry and its unique characteristics.
  10. These are very basic things, but they will go a long way in refining and polishing your jewelry buying habits to a fine 24 carat!