In India, we revere gold as Lakshmi and all auspicious festivals like Akshaya Tritiya and Diwali are synonymous with welcoming home Lakshmi and praying for a prosperous year. Gold Coins happen to be the most preferred means of worshipping Lakshmi across India and is the perfect gifting option too often passed on as blessings from elders to the younger generation.

We measure gold coins by grams and our range is vast. We offer a really wide range in various denominations starting from 1 gm and going up to 100 gms. While we have the Bagade Bandhu Saraf Sunrays pattern on a host of coins, we do have a huge collection stamped with the outlines of deities. Thus we have Ganesha, Lakshmi, Lakshmi-Ganesha and Guru Nanak Dev embossed on our coins to cater to varied demands. Explore our extensive range of 22KT Gold Coins online and shop at your convenience. Every Bagade Bandhu Saraf Gold Coin comes with proper certification and buying gold coins online from Bagade Bandhu Saraf is hassle free.

Akshay Tritiya – An Auspicious Time To Buy Gold

Akshaya means that which never ends or indestructible day. Akshay Trityia is the most auspicious day of the year and has always been known for bringing prosperity and magical for the new beginnings. Buying gold on this day brings prosperity and good luck and as you stay home and safe, This Akshay Tritiya book your gold at today’s price buying E-Vouchers and redeem at our stores.

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