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Bagade Bandhu Saraf (BBS) has a product diversification of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Gemstones, Pearls & Forming jewellery.


Dev Tak

1,359.22 {price_excluding_gst}

Gold Muslim Pendant

14,562.14 {price_excluding_gst}

Temple Long Ganthan

228,000.00 {price_excluding_gst}

Rajmudra Pendant

17,474.76 {price_excluding_gst}

22K The Eagle’s Design Wagh Nakhi

58,251.46 {price_excluding_gst}

Rajmudra Ring

53,397.09 {price_excluding_gst}

Forming Bangles

4,465.05 {price_excluding_gst}

22K Temple Chokar

58,252.43 {price_excluding_gst}

Goot Bangles (Bangadi)

157,281.55 {price_excluding_gst}

Fish Pendent (Fish Locket)

52,426.21 {price_excluding_gst}